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An important business document that provides the auditor’s opinion on the validity and consistency of an individual’s or an organization’s financial statements is known as audit report and sometimes auditor’s report. Apart from the nature of business or company an audit report is a document that intended to provide sensible declaration that there are no material errors and faults within the financial statements of a company or business as well as how company can make better its financial statements in future. Audit reports are generally prepared by an accountant or team of financial experts to verify the relevancy of financial statements that were made for the company at the end of an accounting period. There is no standard format available to write best audit reports but one can utilize a well designed audit report template for this purpose. Audit report template is a handy tool that provides guidelines about how to finish an audit report in best and professional manner.

What Are The Types Of Audit Reports?

Audit reports are financial status assessments of small businesses. Audit Report Template is really helpful. These reports are done by accounting professionals and also cover Company’s liabilities and assets. A sample audit report template is very much helpful. This report presents the assessment of a particular firm on future and financial position, which is done by an auditor. This report is very much essential when a company tries to trade publicly or a company is in a business in which the industry is regulated by Securities & Exchange Commission. These reports are also very beneficial for companies that need funds and want to upgrade internal controls. There’re 4 kinds of audit reports, which are given below:

Unqualified Opinion

This report is also known as clean opinion. This kind of report is issued by an auditor when he/she finds that the fiscal reports presented by a small business are free from any kind of falsification.

Qualified Opinion

On situations when the financial records of a company haven’t been maintained according to GAAP but the auditor finds no misrepresentations then the auditor issues qualified opinion.

Adverse Opinion

Adverse opinion is the worst kind of financial report issued to a company and it signifies that the financial records haven’t been maintained according to GAAP.

Disclaimer of Opinion

When an auditor fails to complete an accurate audit report due to some reasons, then the auditor issues disclaimer of opinion.

You can get help from sample audit report template.

Download Audit Report Template:

Audit Report Template


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