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Daily Work Report Template

Daily Work Report Template is there for your reference. A daily work report is prepared to record the particulars of work completed by an employee on a particular date.

It helps in tracking the quantity of time and effort put by the employee and in measuring his efficiency. A daily work report shall mention the project name, name of the employee, date of the report, daily work report number, and particulars of work done on that day. It might contain more extensive details like the location of the work, the superior to whom the employee was reporting, and the cost of any damages or loss incurred by him to the company. We hope you will like this Daily Work Report Template

The objective of a daily work report is to ensure that any lapses from an employee in performing his work are identified before hand and adequate warning and counseling are given to ensure optimum performance at work. In case of work was due to reasons for which the employee is not responsible like unavailability of materials, power shutdown, etc the same should also be mentioned in the daily work report. Daily work reports can be prepared in hard copies or in soft copies depending on the proficiency of the class of employees. Daily reports should be documented and maintained for a reasonable period of time so that they can be used for evaluating the performance of an employee during appraisals.


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