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Project Status Report Template

Project Status Report Template is needed by anyone. A project status report is used to capture the progress of an ongoing project. It reveals the portion of work that is completed of the total project and aids in billing the customer.

Companies which handle multiple projects simultaneously prepare project status reports for each individual project separately. Project status reports will disclose the leadership team of the project, its estimated duration, its budgeted expenses, and milestones achieved etc. Project status reports enable a company to forecast its immediate cash outlay requirements to achieve the next level of project completion. It also helps in monitoring what work has been completed since the previous project status report until the preparation of the current status report. Project Status Report Template will be useful for you.

A comparison of successive project status reports will enable a project manager to find lags in project development and to take suitable actions to bring the project to an active stage. A project status report shall also contain the issues and other hindrances faced by a project manager during the course of the project development. Matters which require the immediate attention of the management should be reported separately so as to ensure that both the reports get their deserved attention and that the project status report remains uncluttered and easy comprehendible to the readers.

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